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Gary Brumburgh

Press Kit

For vocalist Gary Brumburgh, the lyrics of a song are like dialog from a play, and when he sings, he approaches the material much like an actor prepares for a role. The lyrics, along with the music, suggest to him a scene and a persona with distinct emotions and motivations. That technique allows him to pour himself into a song, creating a highly personalized rendition of the lyrics.


Brumburgh's distinctive style always takes center stage in an eclectic mix of modern jazz tunes, songs from the Great American Songbook, and re-invented pop numbers from the 60’s and 70’s.

Gary Brumburgh is an appealing performer whose warm voice and sensitive approach to lyrics make any engagement a superb evbening of entertainment.  With the release of his second jazz CD, MOONLIGHT, Brumburgh, who is already well-known to jazz aficionados in L.A. but has recently tranported his home to the Nashville area, is poised to receive much wider recognition.

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